Two Source, Amplified, 6.5", 2X2 Drop In Full Grill Ceiling Speakers with Bluetooth, (Limited Quantities)

Vendor: OWI
Price: $430.00
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(Limited Quantities)Two Source, 6.5", Amplified Drop Ceiling Speaker with Bluetooth on a 2X2 tile and backcan assembly delivers up to 40 watts power directly to the speaker. Each powered speaker () can drive three additional speakers (2X2IC6NA). One line can drive up to 10 self-amplified speakers. Lower noise feature and protection from shorts and overheating. 15 Volt DC Level 5 power supply included and optional Volume Controls are available. Available also in models without bluetooth features.

* Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmit in different ways using differing protocols. When Wi-Fi operates in the 2.4 GHz band, Wi-Fi transmissions can interfere with Bluetooth transmissions, and Bluetooth transmissions can interfere with Wi-Fi transmissions. Because Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios often operate in the same physical area and many times in the same device, interference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can impact the performance and reliability of both wireless interfaces.(Source: White Paper on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Coexistence by Laird Technologies). 


  • Built onto the OWI IC6 In-Ceiling Speakers on a 2X2 Tile and backcan assembly
  • 2 Line Level Input/Sources
  • Up to 40 Watts of Power - right at the speaker
  • With Priority Override Feature
  • With Built-in Stereo Combiner
  • Balanced Line level Output
  • Bluetooth Features
  • With a 3.5 mm Stereo Jack Line Input
  • 15 Volt DC power supply (UL Listed-Level 5) included
  • Protected from shorts and overheating
  • Lower Noise Feature
  • Fast and easy - install in the field
  • Optional Stereo/mono volume controls available
  • Available in 1, 2 and 4 speaker packages