Pendant Speakers

OWI's Pendant Speakers are the perfect choice for the high ceilings found in stores, atriums, lobbies, sports centers, transportations centers and for the open, unfinished style ceilings that are so popular in retail and restaurant design. Featuring 360 degree sound and 180 degree dispersion, pendant speakers deliver more dynamic sound over a wider area with fewer speakers. These models offer different tweeter/woofer/bass/midrange speaker configurations so the speaker can be matched with the specific audio requirement. OWI speakers are available in 8 ohm and 70 volt combination models.

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Pendant speakers are designed to hang from the ceiling or an overhead structure, hence the name- pendant. At this vantage position, pendant speakers offer a more centralized audio quality, making them perfect for use in open areas.

They are designed in different shapes and sizes and can easily suit any aesthetics. They are mostly used in modern homes with high ceilings, drooping down in the grandest way to serve a dual purpose of producing good sounds in the building while adding to the style of the home interiors.

Let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions about pendant speakers.

What Is the Most Suitable Environment for a Pendant Speaker?

In high or open-ceiling buildings, a standard ceiling speaker might not offer the best quality of sound. In buildings like this, a pendant speaker is the most ideal since it will distribute the sound over a large area. You will most likely find pendant speakers in places like retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, or any other open space where sound is required.

How Many Pendant Speakers Should Be Used in a Space?

This depends on a number of reasons, including; the coverage angle of the particular pendant speaker in use, the height of the building, the height of the speaker, the size of the room, and other strategic factors. With these answers, you will be able to tell how many speakers should be used in your space. A professional installer would be able to do this survey for you and come up with the ideal answer, depending on your situation.

How Do You Hand a Pendant Speaker?

Pendant speakers have a signal cable that is made from steel. This cable is usually connected to a hook that is fixed to the ceiling.

Which Pendant Speaker Should I Buy?

Pendant speakers come in different sizes, models, designs, colors, and energy capacities. The most suitable speaker for you depends on the specific needs of your building, and a technician can help you make the right choice. Here is a list of pendant speakers in their varieties.

How Far Apart Should Pendant Speakers Be Placed?

Pendant speakers are best placed at least 2 meters apart. This allows the ideal circulation of the sound in the room.

Can Pendant Speakers Be Installed in Areas of a Building With High Humidity?

High-humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens are quite sensitive, and this can affect the kind of installations made there. A high-quality pendant speaker like the one you will get from us is designed to be humidity-resistant. This means that as long as they do not get wet, they can easily function in humid areas.

Can Pendant Speakers Be Voice-Controlled?

There are smart pendant speakers currently. With the help of recent audio technology like Google, Alexa, and Amazon, pendant speakers can be fully controlled with the human voice. This makes it easy and more convenient to use.

How Can I Use a Pendant Sound System?

A pendant sound system consists of amplifiers, Bluetooth, a microphone, a line-in, and USB inputs. A pendant sound system is used mostly in very large spaces to create a seamless flow of communication. The connection of the system ensures that the quality of sound that emanates from the speakers is top-notch.