Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Amplified Ceiling and Surface Mount speakers with Blutooth features are the perfect audio partners for projectors, microphones, music and paging applications. By placing the amplifier within inches of the speaker, maximum damping control of the speaker due to low source impedance is achieved. The result is optimum high fidelity reproduction and response without an external amplifier. With up to 40 watts of class AB power delivered directly to the speaker, OWI's amplified bluetooth speakers are powerful enough to drive three additional non-amplified speakers.

* Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmit in different ways using differing protocols. When Wi-Fi operates in the 2.4 GHz band, Wi-Fi transmissions can interfere with Bluetooth transmissions, and Bluetooth transmissions can interfere with Wi-Fi transmissions. Because Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios often operate in the same physical area and many times in the same device, interference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can impact the performance and reliability of both wireless interfaces.(Source: White Paper on Wi-Fi and Bluet/ooth Coexistence by Laird Technologies)