Surface Mount Speakers (Ceiling Or Wall Mounted)

OWI loudspeakers are versatile 70 volt/8 ohm combination models that comes in 3-way or 2-way. Wall or ceiling mountable with the included mounting brackets. Available in black and paintable white.

As the name implies, a surface mount speaker is permanently mounted on a surface, either the wall, floor, ceiling, table, or any other flat surface. When you find the perfect position to mount the speakers, they are then installed by professional technicians with strong connections that make it almost impossible for them to fall off the surface.

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Surface mount speakers find ideal usage in several environment types, both outdoor and indoor. However, they function better indoors. They can be sold alone, in stereo-matched pairs, or together with other sound applications that amplify the sound.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about surface mount speakers;

What Is the Most Suitable Environment for a Surface Mount Speaker?

Surface mount speakers are designed to provide optimized sound across the area where it is installed. If you enter a conference room, a classroom, a church, or any auditorium with a large number of persons present, you are likely to see one or two surface mount speakers placed at a considerable distance somewhere on the walls or tables.

The size of the room and the number of speakers in use will determine the size of the speakers used.

What Surfaces Should I Mount My Speakers On?

Surface mount speakers are designed to be mounted on surfaces. However, not all surfaces are suitable for speakers. First, note that speakers are most effective at the ear level. This implies that your surface mount speakers, especially smaller sized ones, will do better on higher surfaces like tables which can elevate them and enhance their sounds.

Also, mounting speakers on the floor is not very safe as they can be prone to water, adverse effect of reflective sound, or an accidental footstep. The finishing of your speaker can give you a clue as to its right positioning. For instance, if the back of the speaker looks a bit unfinished, then it most likely belongs to the wall.

Is It Compulsory to Have Holes Drilled in Walls Before the Speaker Can Be Mounted?

No, it is not. Products like Alien Tapes or Command Hooks are used to attach the speakers solidly to the wall surface without requiring holes. Command hooks are great for rented spaces as they can easily be detached when you are ready to leave. Command hooks and Alien tapes are suitable for light and medium-weight speakers, while Picture hooks are more suitable for heavier speakers.

What Are the Available Types of Arrangements for a Surface Mount Ceiling Speaker?

There are several ways that a surface mount ceiling speaker can be arranged. The most common layouts are; center-to-center, minimum overlap, and edge-to-edge layout. Of these three methods, the minimum overlap layout is the best since it ensures that the area of the ceiling is covered uniformly and prevents sound interference, thereby providing the best quality of sound in a building.

What Kind of Surface Mount Speaker Should I Use Exactly?

There are several kinds of surface mount speakers. They are designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and models, and they can suit different purposes. The type of speaker you need will be dependent on your specific requirement.

Do you need a wall-mounted, or do you need a ceiling-mounted speaker? Do you need a smaller, portable, or larger speaker? Several factors can determine this, and a professional technician will help you make the best decision for the room.

In-wall, On-wall, or On-ceiling speakers?

As an audiophile, this is one major uncertainty you might face. How do you know when to install the seeker on the ceiling, on the wall, or inside the wall? If you are looking to dedicate a room to music, then in-wall speakers are the best for this purpose. They produce high-definition sounds, and they are hidden from sound reflections.

On-wall speakers are just like in-wall speakers, but they occupy less space, so if your room has limited space, then this is the better option. In-ceiling speakers are perfect for limited spaces. A person that loves to listen to good background music all the time should opt for this.