Classroom Audio

OWI began making amplified speakers to provide a quick clean easy solution for projector audio enhancement. The solution was to be able to take the projector audio output directly to the speaker by adding an amplifier that could plug into the outlet with the projector reducing wiring, labor and eliminating outboard amplifiers and shelves etc… Over time we were asked to add page override, the ability to connect with speaker level signals, then 70v a then 25v, extra inputs and more.

The AMP-HD amplified speaker series is the culmination of our experience so far. AMP-HD models have:

  • 3.5mm line level input to connect to projectors and flat panels

A second input that can be configured to be for override or mixed input. The override can configured to be speaker level or line level and has both a gain and trim to adjust to a variety of inputs and even mute if so desired. We learned to provide an optional transformer when connecting to 70v and 25v systems that provides options to optimize the load on a given system and also act like a buffer against any feedback ( Model numbers become AMP-HDTR).

We were asked to provide a contact closure cut off for “all off” applications and so we have adopted that on the AMP-HD models.

The AMP-HD can power up to 4 speakers each with its own output connector ( 1x 20 , 2 x20, 4 x10 watts).

Occasionally more than 4 speakers are needed so we provided a line output. We provide two connectors to do this. A CAT5 connector can daisy chain OWI amps with both power and signal, and a hardwire output to connect other standard devices.

The line output makes it quick and easy to connect assisted listening devices. This facilitates ADA compliance when needed.

MC4-A Media Control Mixer
Vendor: OWI
Price: $607.99