3 Source, Amplified, 6.5
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3 Source, Amplified, 6.5", Drop In Full Grill Ceiling Speakers with Separate 70/25 volt speaker and 25/70 volt transformer for paging override on a 2X2 Tile (Limited Quantities)

Vendor: OWI
  • 2X2VG-HDER3S61 One Speaker Package $689.99
  • 2X2VG-HDER3S62 Two Speaker Package $869.99
  • 2X2VG-HDER3S64 Four Speaker Package $1229.99
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  •  IC6 Built onto a Full Grill 2X2 Tile support and Back Can assembly
  • 2 Line Level Input/Sources
  • Up to 40 Watts of Power - right at the speaker
  • With Priority Override Feature
  • With Built-in Stereo Combiner
  • Balanced Line level Output
  • With a 3.5 mm Stereo Jack Line Input
  • 15 Volt DC power supply (UL Listed-Level 5) included
  • Protected from shorts and overheating
  • Lower Noise Feature
  • Fast and easy - install in the field
  • Available in 1, 2 and 4 speaker packages

(Limited Quantities)Two Source, 6.5", Amplified Full Grill 2x2 Drop In Ceiling Speaker with Back Can.  25/70 VOLT transformer built on to the speaker for the priority over ride page from the 25/70 volt paging system.  This assembly delivers up to 40 watts power directly to the speaker. Each powered speaker (2X2VG-HDER61, 2X2VG-IC6NA included and optional Volume Controls are available. A