AMP-BTVC: Line Level Stereo/Mono Volume Control

Vendor: OWI
Price: $413.99
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  • Customizable
  • Manual control of bluetooth audio
  • Easy pairing
  • 1 Each 3.5 Mini Stereo Input on the Faceplate
  • 1 Bluetooth Receiver with attenuator
  • 1 Balanced Mono Output
  • 1 Each CAT5 Output
  • 1 Easy Pairing
  • Fits Perfectly into a Single Gang Box
  • Wall Mounted
  • Perfect Accessory for OWI Self-Amplified Speakers
  • Attaches CAT5 to OWI speaker line
  • Available in White

In our experience with Bluetooth in educational, medical and hospitality and commercial environments a manual environmental control is required for when unwanted interference or pairings happen so that educators, and personnel can quickly control the volume in public spaces. To solve this OWI created a Bluetooth volume control that can be quickly and easily connected to our amplified speakers with a CAT5 cable or anyone’s product via line level cabling. The AMP-BTVC has a 3.5 mm connector for hard wired devices and pairing button on the faceplate to active and deactivate pairing manually and help reduce unwanted pairing.

Easily add Bluetooth reception to OWI Self Amplified Speakers. The AMP-BTVC offers manual volume for the Bluetooth signal, as well as a line level input with volume control. It fits into a single gang electrical box, and connects easily with OWI AMP-HD and AMP-CAT series speakers via a CAT5 cable, or any system via a line level connection.