(Limited Quantities) PS15VDC35AL5: 15 Volts Power Supply ** REPLACED WITH PS15VDC4AL6

Vendor: OWI
Price: $63.99
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  • 15V DC 3.5 Amps power supply
  • UL Listed, Level 5 (Energy Star)
  • for the Amplified Speaker Models AMP1SGRN , two-source self-amplified speakers AMP-R2SIC5, AMP-R2SIC6, AMP-BT2SIC5, AMP-BTSIC6, AMP-BTSM, AMP-BTPEN and MC4DNGL

(Limited Quantities) UL Listed, Level 5 (Energy Star), 15V power supply for the Amplified Speaker Models AMP-CAT2SIC5, AMP-CAT2SIC6, AMP-HD2SIC6, AMP-HD2SIC5. AMP-BT2SIC5 (LIMITED QUANTITY), AMP-BT2SIC6 (LIMITED QUANTITY), AMP-R2SIC5 (LIMITED QUANTITY), AMP-R2SIC6 (LIMITED QUANTITY), MC4-A MC4-BT, MC4-D and IR20REC-KIT.