2X2FG-PB: 2x2 Full Grill with Plenum Box

2X2FG-PB: 2x2 Full Grill with Plenum Box

Vendor: OWI
Price: $360.00
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2X2 Full Grill with Plenum Rated Metal Box, (11" x 11" x 6") with duplex electrical outlet built in.

  • Dimensions: 24" L x 24"W  x 6" H
  • Also available in other sizes


  • Mountable on 2X2 ceiling tile or free standing
  • UL listed UEAY ( 2403, 1480, 1711)
  • Provide outlet for DC power supply of OWI or any brand device
  • Includes removable lid for easy access

Wiring and cable entry:

More than enough wiring and cable entry knock out ports to support standard US conduit and flex.

1 port is for power with 3 additional ports to convert as situation requires for low voltage connections.