One Source, 5.25" Integratable Amplified In Ceiling Speakers

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The AMP-CATIC5 is the perfect audio partners for projectors. By placing the amplifier within inches of the speaker, maximum damping control of the speaker due to low source impedance is achieved. The result is optimum high fidelity reproduction and response without an external amplifier. With up to 20 watts of class AB power delivered directly to the speaker, OWI's self-amplified speakers are powerful enough to drive one additional non-amplified speaker.

The AMP-CATIC5 is a (1) Source Integratable amplified ceiling speaker. The new amplifier has  a single source for quick, clean installations to enhance room audio. ; 1) one stereo 3.5 mini jack line input, and one CAT 5 input for connection to the OWI MC4 mixer and or OWI AMPSTVCW line level and AMP-BTVC Bluetooth volume controls.

A new advantage for the AMP-CATIC5 is that the upgrade is modular. If Bluetooth, or a digital input or more inputs are required then an upgraded board can be attached to the AMP-CATIC5 or can be installed remotely and connected via the RJ45 input.  This flexibility is designed to provide multiple applications for different markets with a single product. 


  • Built onto the OWI IC5 In-Ceiling Speakers
  • UL LIsted 
  • 1 - 3.5 stereo Mini-jack input
  • With Built-in Stereo Combiner
  • 1 CAT5 Input
  • Up to 20 Watts of Power - right at the speaker
  • Balanced Line level Output
  • CAT5 output to daisy chain (1) additional amplified speaker
  • Available in models with Bluetooth Volume Control option
  • 15 Volt DC power supply (UL Listed-Level 5) included
  • Protected from shorts and overheating
  • Lower Noise Feature 
  • Fast and easy - install in the field
  • Stereo/mono volume controls available
  • Available in 1 and 2 speaker packages

One Speaker combination package consisting of the following:

AMP-CATIC51 (One Speaker Package) 

1.) One (1) each (AMP-CATIC5) 5.25" amplified speaker with (PS15VDC35AL5) 15 volts Level 5 power supply 
2.) One (1) each Backcan enclosure 
3.) One (1) each 5TB tile bridge

AMP-CAT51BTVC (One Speaker Package with Bluetooth Volume Control )

1) One (1) each (AMP-CATIC5) 5.25" amplified speaker with (PS15VDC35AL5) 15 volts Level 5 power supply 
2) One (1) each Backcan enclosure 
3) One (1) each 5TB tile bridge
4) One (1) each Bluetooth Volume Control (AMP-BTVC)

AMP-CATIC51SVC - (One Speaker Package with Volume Control)

1) One (1) each (AMP-CATIC5) 5.25" amplified speaker with (PS15VDC35AL5) 15 volts Level 5 power supply
2) Two (1) each Backcan enclosures
3) Two (1) each 5TB tile bridges
4) One (1) each Stereo/Mono Volume Control (AMPSTVCW