5 Common Types of Speakers

5 Common Types of Speakers

When buying a speaker, your needs will determine your preferred type of speaker. There are several types of speakers, whether it is Bluetooth speakers, speakers for home theater, smart speakers, or In-ceiling or In-wall speakers. It's 2022, and manufacturers are particular about the production of top-quality speakers. The next time you are looking to buy a speaker, here are some top features you might want to look out for;

  • Versatile Portability
  • High-definition sound effects
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Water-resistant quality
  • Durability
  • Sleek design
  • Ideal for the purpose of use.

That said, here are five common types of speakers you are likely to find;

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers:

Since their invention by Soundmatters in 2006, Bluetooth wireless speakers have been a sensation. They make it easy for you to connect with your device and listen to your favorite tracks. They are also portable and easy to carry since there are no wires connecting them. OWI's range of Bluetooth speakers is phenomenal, containing up to 40 Watts of class AB power.

In-Ceiling Speakers:

If you want a room that is completely immersed in good sound, then installing an in-ceiling speaker is a great option. They facilitate the even distribution of sound in the environment. They are a perfect combination for projectors, microphones, and CD/DVD players. OWI makes In-ceiling speakers in both amplified and non-amplified versions.

Surface Mount Speakers:

OWI has a collection of Surface mount speakers designed to deliver optimized, high-quality sound and allow a variety of applications. They are available in different sizes and can be mounted on either walls or ceilings. They are versatile, and they can be 2-way or 3-way.

Pendant Speakers:

Pendant speakers are ideal for placement in buildings with high ceilings. They are popular in lobbies and restaurants, found inside hanging ceiling designs. OWI's pendant speakers feature a 360-degree sound and 180-degree dispersion. They deliver a more dynamic sound over a wider area.

Garden Speakers:

Outdoor speakers are perfect for an excellent audile atmosphere. They exist in different styles, from in-garden/underground speakers to On-wall speakers. OWl's Garden Speakers are designed to blend seamlessly into the environment.

OWI's Speakers provide endless possibilities. They are creative and are designed with practical features that improve the functionality of the speakers, making them more desirable. All of your high-quality sound devices and components can be found on our website. Choose from our varieties and enjoy quality sounds.

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